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Bone Regeneration Huntington Beach CA

Patient being shown her X-ray at Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Huntington Beach, CABone regeneration is a surgical procedure that encompasses tissue regeneration and carefully planned-out regeneration of dental bones. With a bone regeneration process in action, a healthy bone is utilized to assist with the growth of a new bone in areas where your jawbone is weak.

For this process to be successful, tooth roots must be intact with the jaw. This helps carry the surgical procedure to succession. There are three types of bone grafts. They all depend on your condition. Though all of them are bone grafts, they’re different in terms of the areas of your mouth they target.

Our surgeons will explain the entire procedure to you at Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

When Is Bone Regeneration Required?

When the jaw begins to lose its bone, it requires a bone regeneration procedure to save from more bone loss. The procedure helps the jaw recover from bone loss that has already taken place.

Our surgeons will carry out a CT scan to study your bone structure and its condition. If you have endured bone loss, you may need to undergo a surgical procedure to save your jaw from further bone loss.

Certain conditions can contribute to bone loss so if you have experienced any, come to us for a check-up at Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Gingivitis and an extreme stage of gum disease can trigger bone loss by weakening your teeth and attacking your gums.

How Is Bone Regeneration Performed?

Bone regeneration is a surgical procedure whereby a bone graft is formed to fill spaces caused by the loss of bones.

If you have received a dental implant, chances are a bone graft is required.

You will be sedated under local anesthesia for a bone graft to numb the relevant area. An incision will be pierced into your gums to create space for movement. Once there is enough space, the gum tissue will be pushed back slightly so your jawbone can stand out.

It is essential for our dentists to have a look at your jawbone to carry out the next step accurately. After visuals are clear, that particular area will be disinfected to eliminate infection and prevent a new breeding ground.

Once the area is cleaned, a bone grafting material will be placed in the depression, which will act as a recovering agent. Once the bone grafting material is placed, the gum tissue will be placed back in position, and the incision will be sealed.

Recovery For Bone Regeneration

You may take painkillers if the pain does not subside. However, your healing rate depends on many factors such as age, lifestyle, health condition, and pain tolerance.

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