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Caring For Your Veneers

Woman smiling with brandnew veneersAfter you get your veneers, you ought to ensure that you take maximum care of them. Though they might be long-lasting, it is essential that you look after them to ensure their stability and purpose remains intact.

Our surgeons at Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery will walk you through the process and help you understand how you can go about this entire phase. You don’t have to alter your lifestyle, but rather infuse being careful in it.

Measures For Taking Care of Your Veneers

As a habit, ensure you practice excellent oral hygiene. Your veneers may not be natural teeth, but they are essential.

Veneers are durable and strong in their make, but there are chances of them chipping and breaking. Considering how they are essential for boosting the aesthetics of your face, it is vital to ensure that they are treated with care and fragility.

Hard food items are allowed but don’t chew on non-food items such as pencils.

Veneers can get stained, so ensure you use caution in consuming food and drinks that can easily stain your teeth. If you do, use mouthwash or brush right after. However, excessive quantities of any can hinder the look of your veneers.

Lastly, you ensure you visit our surgeons for a proper check-up and to study how your veneers are suiting your mouth.

Veneer Maintenance

Veneers are not high-maintenance. Visit our surgeons at Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for regular check-ups so our dentists can evaluate your veneers and study your condition regularly.

Apart from avoiding food and drinks that are prone to staining, there is no special care you should be aware of.
However, do ensure that you use a soft toothbrush because your veneers may be durable, but they’re still attached to your gums.

Side-Effects of Veneers

Veneers work spectacularly to maintain the aesthetics of your smile and face overall. However, there are specific side effects that you may be vulnerable to, especially initially.

Since veneers are foreign objects implanted in your mouth, you may feel discomfort, but that is completely natural. Once your mouth is used to your veneers as a part of your jaw, the discomfort will slowly begin to fade.

There is a possibility that the veneers you get may not match the shade you chose completely. A slight disparity is probable, but that is because materials tend to have slightly different shades than perceived. Talk to our surgeons if you’re unsure about what to do in this regard.

Your teeth may experience sensitivity considering the process you’ve undergone, but similar to discomfort, once your jaw and teeth accept veneers as a part of them, the sensitivity will begin to fade. Also, using a soft toothbrush can help reduce triggered sensitivity and discomfort.

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