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Commonly Missed Signs of Sleep Apnea

Depressed looking woman trying to sleepSleep apnea is a condition that can result in poor sleep quality over a short and extended period. Though there are apparent signs of sleep apnea that you can lean on to assess your current situation, there are also signs that you may let slip unknowingly.

If you feel like you are suffering from sleep apnea, visit Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery where our surgeons will carefully assess your mouth for any lingering medical conditions that may be causing this condition.

Some of the most commonly missed signs of sleep apnea are but are not limited to, morning headaches, dry mouth in the morning, and insomnia.

Evident Signs of Sleep Apnea

There are signs of sleep apnea that point directly to this condition. These signs may help trigger your treatment since your body, especially your mouth, will hint at something out of balance. Read your mouth and understand what it’s trying to say to you.

The most evident signs of sleep apnea that can validate your doubt about this condition are:
•  Constantly waking up in the middle of the night
•  Snoring
•  Snorting
•  Obstruction in your airway

Silent Signs of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is commonly found in people who are overweight because an obstruction in their upper airway can cause poor sleep quality. Though some signs may fall under an umbrella and camouflage themselves directly to sleep apnea, there are subtle hints your body and, mainly, your mouth will convey to you.

We often take our headaches lightly, but there can be more than one reason your head hurts. Sleep apnea is one cause, so if you’re having consistent headaches, you ought to assess if there’s an underlying condition in your mouth.

Do you breathe from your mouth or your nose? If you breathe from your mouth, you’re likely to develop sleep apnea. Sleep apnea hinders the supply of oxygen to your brain. With sleep apnea in motion, your brain will receive limited amounts of oxygen. Low oxygen supply levels can cause staggering headaches right when you wake up.

If you are overweight and experiencing poor sleep quality, there are considerable chances that you have sleep apnea. While there may be other possibilities, sleep apnea is one condition that can carefully hide.

Poor sleep quality is a broad term that can be caused due to many factors. Sleep apnea is a commonly missed sign. Convey your sleep habits and routine to Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery where our surgeons who, after assessing your symptoms and mouth, will conclude your condition.

There are a few conditions that can vaguely point toward any condition. This is why it is essential not to let any possibility slide. That is how sleep apnea is left undiagnosed in about 20% of the population.

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