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How To Know If You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Out

Xray of impacted wisdom teethIncreasingly, patients are questioning the removal of their wisdom teeth, why we do it, and if it’s needed. We want our patients to question the unknown and we’re here to provide dental education along with information specific to you and your needs. We agree, the extraction of a tooth should never be taken lightly. We encourage healthy teeth and do what’s best for our patients to have a healthy mouth. Our staff at Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are happy to provide you with the general reasons of why we remove wisdom teeth, and then determine if you specifically meet those reasons.

Your wisdom teeth are your third row of molars. They are known for coming into position last, which is how they acquired their title of being wise. The problem with their late arrival is space, lack of space along with their distance in our mouth leads to multiple problems. We invite you to learn more about your own specific wisdom teeth and inquire if one or all of them should be removed. Timing is a factor in the ease of surgery.

We Take Extraction Seriously

We promote restoring and keeping natural teeth whenever possible. Our primary goal is to help the patient have healthy tissue including their teeth and bone. This is best achieved by taking measures to keep teeth healthy. We do not advocate for the removal of teeth unless it is more damaging to keep it than to remove it.

In decades past, it was much more common for teeth to be removed due to decay, fracture, or disease. Today, we recommend the removal of diseased material and then restoring the tooth with a protective layer such as a dental crown. This change of practice comes with increasing knowledge and information about dental health and the role it plays in overall health.

With this information, we still recommend the removal of wisdom teeth in a majority of our patients.

Signs for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is necessary if:
•  Insufficient Room: The jawbone is often too small to accommodate the addition of wisdom teeth. Insufficient room can lead to multiple problems including changes to your alignment, changes to the path of the wisdom teeth, and problems for your jawbone.
•  Wisdom Tooth Path Altered: Wisdom teeth with insufficient room may be forced out of alignment in coming into position. They can turn sideways, shift, and get pushed from the correct path to move into position.
•  Neighboring Teeth Alignment Altered: As the wisdom tooth pushes to move into position, it can push neighboring teeth out of the way to get there. This uncontrolled movement is rarely in your favor. It can impact orthodontic work, alter your jaw joint, and cause problems with your bite.
•  Wisdom Tooth Impacted: After all of the pushing to create room, the wisdom tooth may still become impacted as it extends from the gum tissue. The movement can stop mid-way. An impacted tooth leaves gum tissue open in spaces allowing bacteria space to settle and hide leading to infection.
•  Prediction of Decay or Disease: Patients who have the room needed for their wisdom teeth may still want to consider extraction. The distance of wisdom teeth can make it significantly harder to brush and floss adequately. Wisdom teeth are at high risk for decay and infection.

Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery can perform this routine procedure for you, and our team can offer the most professional care throughout the treatment plan. Our team offers a range of restorative treatments after extractions, including implants, All-on-4® Treatment, and dentures. Call our office at 657-384-2787 to find out more about our treatment plans.

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